I was a walk in a local magazine deals, and then by a similar one copy of ABBA the magazine. I think it was No. 2 I was the world's luckiest guy. A leaf, a whole sheet only with ABBA. I think it was back in 1978.
I was in many fruitless visits to the magazine trade. The man who had the shop, if not how often the magazine came, and he got several. But it was for several magazines.

I remember particularly I read that ABBA had appeared in Japanese television with 2 new tracks, The king has lost his crown, and If it was not for the nights. I spent many nights and hours, and sit and imagine how the songs sound. And I almost could not bear that there were any who had heard ABBA songs I had not heard.

It took a long time before I had heard The King has lost his Crown, in the TV show ABBA in Switzerland.