My Collection of ABBA stuff

I have chosen to use my own pictures of all my all my stuff. Things I've collected over 30 years.

Original Albums from Polar Behind this part for the site, You can find my collection of Abba Albums Releases from the Polar music.
There are Records and Cd's.
I have wrote a part of story with some of the album.
I hope you will find something interesting, story or not!
Compilations from polar
Singles  "7" from Polar Original editions from the Polar Music. I have allowed to write some of my favourite stories by some of singles.
Album from Asia

There are singles, LPs, CDs and books.

Spanish albums

CDs, singles and LPs containing Spanish versions of ABBA. And publications from south Americas countries.

Albums from all over the world

I have over 40 different LPs and 80 CDs, look again.

Singles "7" from all over the world

More than 100 singles from all countries of the world!

singles "12" from polar, all over the world and promotion  
Cd singles  

There are over 50 books from different countries


All the ABBA Magazine

Box sets The LP box set, and the CD single box set
DVD There are videos and DVDs
A bit mixed stuff These include mugs, badges, puzzles, caps, stamps and surprises
B&B Benny and Bjorn have made much marvellous music.
Benny Andersson Benny music in different bands configurations.
Agnetha A small selection of Agnetha releases
Frida Frida enough it has grown most in the music. Here is a selection of her publications.
Finn Kalvik    
Michael B. Tretow    
Other sings ABBA Songs   I was interviewed for a small newspaper about ABBA. The journalist was somewhat surprised at my reaction when he asked me how I felt about that other singing or playing their songs. I got up and went and got a whole series of CDs with cover versions. Good answer, I Very good, but there is also something bad. But my heart tells me that most are made with great respect of ABBA. Be it metal or classical.
Classic version  
Instrumental version  
Tribute version  
Techno/Dance mix version  
Copy version